About us!

Our Vision

In order to work towards a world that values bodily autonomy for all, YES! provides anti-oppressive and shame-free sexuality education through a social justice lens to people of all ages and across various forms of media so that we can all live more liberated and healthy lives.

Our Mission

To provide intersectional, consent-based, shame-free sexuality education to all people using interactive workshops, social media, and other mediums.

Our Team

Image descriptions (starting from top left):
Jamie, shown from the chest up, smiles at the camera. She is white with long brown hair and pink lipstick and is sitting in front of a brick wall wearing a black skirt with small flowers on it and a light blue T-shirt. The shirt has a drawing of three sunflowers in a pot.
Angelica, a black femme woman, medium brown skin tone, chest up, smiling, black locs pinned back. Grey dress abstract black and pink blotches.
Eve, a white person with dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, a grey shirt, and a beige sweater, is looking at the camera and smiling, with a wooden bulletin board in the background.
Isy, a white person with a shaved head in a floral dress, visible from the shoulders up, sitting in a park and smiling.
Jasmine, caramel skin tone. With dark brown locs. Clear glasses. Braces. White button-up. Bow tie. Black and gold blazer. In a home decor background.
Jax, tan olive skin tone, short dark curly hair visible from the chest up. Wearing a brown utility suit and long white earrings.
Meagan, a light brown complected female wearing a black blouse and gold necklace, with dark brown braids. She is sitting at her desk in front of soft white light and white wall. Her head is slightly turned, and she is smiling.
Kristi, a Black cis-gender woman, caramel skin complexion, hair full, smiling with hand on the shoulder, sitting tall, brown dress.
Renee, a white person with reddish-brown chin-length hair is visible from the shoulders up while smiling at the camera. In front of a white wall with a black and white piece of artwork, she is wearing a white blazer with a lavender-colored shirt and a chunky mixed-metal necklace.
This is a photo of Ellis from the shoulders up, facing the camera.  He is a white person with facial hair, glasses, and blonde hair.  They are wearing a black shirt and stand in front of a white wall.
Phoebe, a white person with long blonde hair visible from the shoulders up. Wearing pink glasses and a navy shirt. Sitting outside with greenery and a fence visible in the background.
Yema, a fat, latinx person with dark brown, shoulder-length curly hair sits in a sunny park surrounded by trees and smiles so big that her round cheeks squeeze her almond-shaped eyes into happy slits. she is wearing a blue floral top and has a red chest tattoo.
Mariana, olive skin, long brown hair parted down the middle, visible from the chest up smiling at the camera. Wearing a white shirt and a light blue blazer. Blurred trees and grass can be made out in the background.
A headshot of 32-year old Ariel Isakowitz from the neck up. They are smiling lightly, have brown eyes, short brown hair, and a dark brown mustache and beard.
Rebecca, a white person with curly hair and facial piercings, is looking at the camera and smiling gently with her teeth showing. She is bundled up in a bright blue puffy jacket and chunky yellow scarf. A bright blue sky, snow and wintery trees can be seen in the background. 

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