About Us!

Our Vision

In order to work towards a world that values bodily autonomy for all, YES! provides anti-oppressive and shame-free sexuality education through a social justice lens to people of all ages and across various forms of media so that we can all live more liberated and healthy lives.

Our Mission

To provide intersectional, consent-based, shame-free sexuality education to all people using interactive workshops, social media, and other mediums.

The Story of YES!

In 2015, Isy Abraham-Raveson, Eve Gutman, Rebecca Klein, and Natalie Smyth all found themselves back together in their hometown of Montclair, NJ. They wanted to give back to their hometown community and decided to use their experiences and education to provide the consent education they wished they had learned when they were younger.

The foursome decided to offer consent education to the students at their alma mater, Montclair High School, and Your Empowered Sexuality (YES!) was born! Slowly, the project evolved to include more sexuality topics, more age groups, and more methods of education.

Eventually, YES! found a new home in Philadelphia where we are currently based. We are committed to continuing to root our work in our Philly community where we have built many beautiful partnerships over the years. (And we will always provide education at Montclair High School whenever we’re asked!)

Our Team

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